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The Food and Lodging Program is responsible for licensing and conducting inspections at food service establishments serving the public. Through this web portal, you can learn more about the inspection process and view recent inspection reports for food establishments throughout Vermont.

Inspections are conducted by the Vermont Department of Health’s Public Health Inspectors. All inspectors are trained based on national standards. The frequency of inspections depends on many factors including the type of food, food preparation, and handling and compliance history of the establishment. In addition, inspections are conducted before the establishment opens, when there is a complaint, or as a follow up to make sure previous violations have been fixed.

“Critical” item violations can make someone sick and must be fixed immediately. Examples include employee health and hygiene, correct holding and storing temperatures for food, and making sure the food comes from approved sources.

You can view inspection information from May 2016 to the present from this portal. To request inspection information before May 2016,
please email FoodLodging@vermont.gov

Inspections are a "snapshot" of the day and time of the inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not represent the overall, long-term compliance of an establishment. Violations are recorded at the time of the inspection and are often fixed before the inspector leaves the establishment.

View inspection details by using the search criteria for identifying a food facility. Click on the inspection icon to show the violations from the last inspection, the comments from the inspector, and the inspection score. You can print or download the report.

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